At Warrillow in Las Vegas

David, Frank, and I are at the annual Warrillow conference in Las Vegas this week Monday through Wednesday.

The tabletop booth looks really nice and the side presentation which involves an on-screen web-based value calculator. Thanks to the Preation team for a job well done there. The calculator application been rock solid all day and the graphed results have been received well, several have been sent which is exciting!

Today was registration and some general presentations that were really all pre-conference content, much being lead by sponsors. Overall the content was good, some of the coverage of new marketing methods (online) was a bit outdated but probably appropriate for the audience members who are typically in charge of both traditional and new media marketing to small businesses.

Google's presentation abused the term small business a bit while trying to prove that new media channels including YouTube contain lots of content and lots of visitors interested in finding information about small businesses. I found this to be odd considering all of the research that Warrillow has done to prove that small business don't enjoy being called small... they prefer terms like business owner and entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur myself (and small business owner :)) I completely agree. So, Google is a sponsor of the conference but isn't paying attention to Warrillow research. I enjoyed the irony.

For a pre-conference day the foot traffic was exceptional by our booth. I took this picture after walking a round of the exhibit floor during a really slow spell. I was excited to return to the iContact booth two minutes later and see a crowd of three talking with David and Frank when I bet there were less than 10 people talking with exhibitors in the entire space at the time. A lot of good connections have been made already.