Advisor to Startup Founders

I'm Writing a Book

I'm currently writing a book about how entrepreneurs experience and manage stress. Managing stress is a struggle for all entrepreneurs, but nobody talks about it. I'm changing that.

During my 20 year career as an entrepreneur I've experienced completely debilitating stress, burnout, and mental breakdown. In most cases I used unhealthy mechanisms like denial or distraction to just barely get by.

Only in the last five years have I taken a step back and tried to solve the underlying causes of my stress and dysfunction, instead of just managing the symptoms.

"Entrepreneur first" shares my personal story of big time entrepreneurial success at the outer limits of mental health. Along the way I'll tell you about other top entrepreneurs who "hit a wall" and I'll share their stories of recovery as they've learned to care for themselves first while still changing the world.

After all, our businesses will come and go, but we're always entrepreneurs.