Fortune Brainstorm Tech Conference Questions

I'm attending the Fortune Brainstorm Technology conference in California in July again this year. Last year's event was incredible and the quality of the speakers and panelists is unrivaled by any event I've ever attended.

This year they sent me a survey in advance to ask for answers to three questions, likely for use in selecting break-out session topics based on the collective interests of attendees. I've included the questions and my responses below:

1. What is the most exciting technology innovation you've seen in the past 12 months?

Technology that extracts complex concepts from video streams, IE: determines context for ads alongside streaming video by understanding what the viewing of the video is seeing. Also, wireless electricity. Current prototypes out of MIT are using resonant energy transfer to dial-in an induction signal from up to 15 feet. The potential among business and personal uses of this technology in practice is incredible.

2. What is your biggest hope or fear for the future, and how does tech relate to it?

My biggest hope for the future is that we can actually build enough clean and renewable energy generation infrastructure to support our demand at a reasonable cost. I think this is an area where the United States could become a worldwide technology leader if we cared enough to make the right investments at the right time.

3. What should be the top priority for the next US president?

Repairing our international reputation to restore the world's faith that the United States cares deeply about innovating and investing to make the world a better and more peaceful place not just for us but for everyone.