Google Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion Brings the Love

Google Adwords Dynamic Keyword Insertion Brings the Love

The folks at MailChimp had a good enough sense of humor to bring a hilarious side-effect of dynamic keyword insertion in an iContact CPC ad to our attention this week.

They captured our inadvertent pat-on-the-pack in a screen shot they posted on their blog. This is a great example of how dynamic keyword insertion can get you in trouble, or at least cause your ad to say something you didn't quite consider.

But all is not lost, our ad started what is likely to become a long standing romance between our CEO Ryan and the MailChimp team. That is unless they send us a Dear John letter on legal letterhead first.

Just in case this happens I want to go ahead and mention that... MailChimp, we do love you, ever since we got over that messy little misunderstanding at first when we thought we were getting hit on by a male chimp (ahhhhh, that was awkward) we've been really comfortable with you.

I hope we can make this last, and yes, at some point it would only be fair if you said I love you too iContact with a CPC ad in response. I know we always say it in private but it really only counts when you say it in front of all of our friends. I know you're still getting over that nasty break up with My Emma, but it's really time we move on, together. At least consider it.