iContact Night at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park

iContact Night at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park

The iContact team spent Friday night at the Durham Bulls minor league baseball game in downtown Durham, North Carolina.

We watched the game in a private pavilion in the right field corner as the Durham Bulls played the Pawtucket, Rhode Island Red Sox. We had about a hundred people in attendance including friends, significant others, and children.

There was free food and drinks and two levels in the pavilion for people to watch the game. The highlights of the evening included iContact team dancing to YMCA, Wool E Bull doing a go-cart lap around the baseball field, and a Bulls home run landing on the deck above us and bouncing straight up to then land right in the middle of our group.

The weather was perfect for a spring night, warm and clear and most people stayed until the end of the game for the about Fireworks at the Durham Bulls athletic park.

Photos from the night are on Flickr.