Intuit Faces a New Era Where Users Rule

Brad Smith, CEO of Intuit. Quotes from his short presentation on "the new face of innovation."

Major transitions have been as follows: DOS to Windows, Desktop to the Web, now we're in a time where ideas won't come out of companies but instead users will build the value within a platform and will look for other users like themselves to give them the rest of what they need.

Will our 25 years of history of success and innovation be a benefit or an inhibitor to our success? The young people in the company are being empowered to contribute their ideas through creative time and labs.

This year Intuit put their TurboTax product's customer community within the product and took it off of the web. They found that 40% of questions asked by customers were first answered by other customers, and at a level of quality that exceeded their own ability to answer questions.

Questions even outside of their realm of expertise like what vendors they use for other services and what the lowest price is that they get.