Kudos to the iContact Customer Support Team

Joe Pulizzi of Junta 42 wrote a nice post in his content marketing blog today about a great customer service experience he had with iContact regarding our second quarter upgrade sale which ran for the last five days of June 2008.

The month of June was a huge success for us as a record number of new customers joined during the month, in part because of the sale. In fact, new customer adds in June were up 19% from the month of May. Wow.

Joe wrote about receiving an email for the sale pretty much immediately after signing up only to realize that he hadn't been able to take advantage of the discount offer it provided because he upgraded his account before the sale began. He emailed our support team and was happy to learn that the discount had been applied to his account retroactively because of his request. From his blog post he mentioned "Needless to say, iContact will be keeping my business."

Now that's the type of experience I'm proud that we're able to create at iContact. We're all about making online communication easy but we're also all about our customers and their success. It's great to see both of these philosophies in action among our team at the same time!